When You Lean into the SEC-AAAE - You Fly with the Best in the Industry

SEC-AAAE Chapter Map

The Southeast Chapter (SEC) of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) has 600 members from 12 states, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.  The SEC is the largest chapter of the AAAE and proudly celebrates the long history of members contributing to the aviation industry.  The SEC-AAAE exists to promote airport safety, financial stability, and operational efficiencies that contribute to a strong and modern air travel system.  One of the ways to have a lasting impact on the industry is to provide avenues for professional growth and accreditation.  SEC-AAAE offers that and so much more!

The Annual Conference provides opportunities for industry professionals at all levels to network, learn, build relationships, and explore the best practices that are leading the way in the industry.  When you attend an SEC-AAAE Annual Conference, you are exposed to the best the industry has to offer.  And for those who are willing to engage at this level, there is no end to the benefits that can come to attendees and the airports, companies, and communities they represent.