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A Special Welcome to All First Time Conference Attendees – VIPs

We all remember the first time we attended a professional aviation event.  It’s amazing and a bit overwhelming all at the same time.

The SEC-AAAE wants first-time conference goers to each feel like a Valued-Included-Professional (VIP).  That’s how chapter members came up with the name, VIP, prior to launching the program at the conference in Richmond in 2023.

First-timers need not worry about not knowing many people.  The VIP program establishes some very practical ways to make the first trip to SEC-AAAE Annual Conference – one to remember!

From the time a VIP registers and checks the box as a first-time attendee, the welcome wagon kicks in:

  • VIPs will be contacted prior to the conference.
  • VIPs will be welcomed at a special table next to registration at the host hotel. Who knows what surprises might be in store there?
  • VIPs will have special ribbons on their name badges – making them easy to spot by other attendees.
  • Special Ambassadors will assist VIPs to make sure they find their way to others who are meeting new friends.